Cozumel Diving

Scuba Dive in the Mexican Caribbean

Diving at Hotel Suites Bahia Cozumel

Cozumel’s warm, crystal clear waters have made this Mexican Caribbean island one of the world’s most famous scuba diving and snorkeling destinations. For both experienced and beginner divers, disappearing beneath the water’s surface offers an exhilarating and unforgettable adventure into a world of spectacular reefs and exotic marine life. For the less experienced, the gentle currents and shallow waters off nearshore reefs provide the ideal conditions. As the waters deepen, the currents become stronger, more unpredictable and steep. Also, vertical walls and drop-offs offer a challenge for the most advanced divers. 

The Mesoamerican Reef, which extends from the Eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula to the islands in the bay of Honduras, is second only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in size. The sheer number of reefs and dive spots is so vast that you could visit two per day for several months without returning to the same area. 

For our diving guests, the hotel is conveniently located in front of the Aquasari and Aldora Piers, and towel service is available.